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At the end of 2010, the Danish government announced that it was banning propyl and butyl paraben in toiletries for children under the age of three, while non-natural brands and ranges across many regions are formulating controversial ingredients out of their products.

Avoiding the use of some ingredients in children’s products is important; for example using solvent-free nail polish formulations for younger age groups, or paraben preservatives for specific customers,” comments Angela Hall, MD of H&A manufacturer of children’s toiletries and bath accessories under licence for several TV-based properties..

Even natural brands are finding that consumers seem more concerned about free-from claims than what’s in the bottle. 

Our FLORESSENCE expert perfumers study and develop fragrance compounds for the baby care products segment taking all of these elements into consideration.
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Children's market – doing it for the kids
Baby care is driven by trust rather than innovation and parents are increasingly inclined to put their trust in products that are natural or organic; according to Mintel, in 2010, natural and organic products accounted for over a third of new baby care launches in the UK.

Once a niche area, natural and organic is moving increasingly into the mainstream, and natural and organic baby care is following suit.

Traditionally, free-from claims often sit alongside natural and organic ones, but the trend – rightly or wrongly – towards eliminating certain ingredients including parabens, silicones and sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates from products has permeated the baby care sector in its entirety.
fragrance propositions
fragrance propositions
A truly special moment, baby's bath time is a privileged occasion for complicity and tenderness between mother and child. Face, hands and body ... nothing should be left unattended. With soft and repetitive gestures,  baby care is essential to maintain good hygiene throughout the day. The following three fragrance propositions have been especially formulated for babies, free from potentially allergenic ingredients and any CMR substances. These two fragrance propositions have been especially formulated for babies, free from potentially allergenic ingredients and any CMR substances. Furthermore, fragrance Amandine, here-below, is 100% natural; it needs no ingredient labeling if used at 0.4% concentration.
Soothing feather-lightweight of the orange blossom note Soft & velvety, colored in rose and jasmine for a powdery sweet, so huggable fragrance Citrus top note unveils a tender jasmine heart resting on a subtle woody base note The ultimate softness of sweet almond
Slightly stimulating aromatic note of lavender induces a soft & clean sensation
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