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Children's market – doing it for the kids
For example most of our ranges are pre-school; this age haven’t yet developed pester power but they do recognize characters.”

…“We found that a lot of natural brands were either very ‘babyish’ or created for adults and there was nothing really in between, so there was a gap in the market,” Fiona Wood, founder of Naturally Cool Kids brand, explains.

Fragrance also plays a vital role in engaging with youngsters. Baby care ranges usually feature traditional fragrances like chamomile, which appeal to parents. Children’s products feature updated aromas stronger and more energetic and which are targeted at the kids themselves.”

Even tougher customers are children on the cusp of becoming teenagers. Unlike the teens they will become, kids don’t yearn to be treated like adults, nor do they view using adult products as a badge of honor. But they won’t suffer being babied either, and now the beauty world is starting to take note of this emerging demographic.”
All baby care brands must appeal to parents on one or several levels, but those making products aimed at children must also win over their offspring, who naturally have very different criteria.

“Children from the age of two are influenced by characters and will develop their favorites,” says Angela Hall, MD at H&A. “The target age ofthe child will really dictate the split of how important it is to the parent versus the child. 
fragrance propositions
fragrance propositions
A kid is no longer a baby, but his/her delicate skin still needs special care. Fruity, vibrant and yummy scents will transform bath-time into an even greater moment of fun. Our FLORESSENCE expert perfumers study and develop fragrance  compounds for children products taking these factors into consideration. The following three fragrance propositions have been especially formulated for kids, free from potentially allergenic ingredients and any CMR substances. These two fragrance propositions have been especially formulated for babies, free from potentially allergenic ingredients and any CMR substances. Furthermore, fragrance Amandine, here-below, is 100% natural; it needs no ingredient labeling if used at 0.4% concentration.
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