Fruity Fragrance

Fruity fragrance compositions
for bath & shower gels

Fruity scents make bubbles & buzz!
FLORESSENCE tries to understand and match the Product Manager’s sensorial expectations in his / her development of any new bath & shower wash formula.

Our team of expert Perfumers is also available to study your needs and compose the fragrance that conveys best your appropriate olfactory identity.

To illustrate our creative know-how, this brochure presents six new fragrance compounds, all inspired by yummy “de-lush” fruits.

Let FLORESSENCE fragrances add that something unique to your bath & shower gel washes for a gourmand, pleasurable experience!

“In the crowded personal care market, it is necessary for a product to offer multiple benefits to stand apart and succeed. This means that for personal washes it is no longer just about the cleansing properties; a product must deliver more in both benefits and fragrance. Both men and women are increasingly concerned with skin health, physical appearance, well-being, moisturization and environmental responsibility. Fragrance plays a major role in helping to communicate these benefits to the consumer. “
P&F excerpt 01/2009
As a renown fragrance manufacturer, FLORESSENCE aims to provide your unique signature scent through gourmand and creative formulations. Our scents accompany and sublime many personal care brands throughout the world, quality and stability being our recognized characteristics for over twenty years.
fragrance propositions
fragrance propositions
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