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100% Natural fragrance compositions for ORGANIC cosmetics & toiletries
Integrating natural fragrances in organic products
Yummy notes, (fruits, almonds, honey ...) can be developed, offering newness and originality versus fresh and floral more traditional notes. 

Our FLORESSENCE perfumers are highly skilled in formulating 100% natural still complex fragrances for selective natural and/or organic skincare products.

They pay particular attention in developing fragrances that will not require allergen ingredient labeling and may be incorporated to non-rinse organic skincare formulas at between 0.1% and 0.3%.
Undoubtedly, natural and organic cosmetics are very popular and reassuring - ethical production, traceability of formulas, sensation of applying "good, healthy creams" to your skin,... unfortunately, they are not always appealing. Perhaps it’s because desire and security are difficult to reconcile in the “green” momentum. Does “naturality” lack credibility to be perceived as pleasurable and yet effective all at once?

It seems the challenge in the future of natural cosmetics is to retain consumers - the pleasure factor playing more than ever a leading role. Of the five senses, scent is the first target to strike to increase attractiveness of a natural cosmetic product. Fragrance is at the heart of a bestseller cream because it is in direct and immediate contact with emotions. The monotony of essential oils (often too present and intense) can be replaced by refined and complex fragrance compositions. 
The ECOCERT organic raw materials employed come directly from our group affiliate ELIXENS France. All of our materials are perfectly traced, fully documented and many are accredited by the Bio Partenaires association for ORGANIC SOLIDARITY.
FLORESSENCE collection of 100% natural fragrance compositions, fitted to comply with your natural and/or organic cosmetics, is varied to cover most olfactory orientations, from basic to more complex gourmand notes. All of these fragrance propositions will help your products attein the immediate “pleasurable” effect.
Five allergen-light natural fragrances
100% natural pleasure fragrance collection
These five fragrance compounds do not require ingredient labeling if used at 0.3% presence, in non-rinsed, ORGANIC cosmetics. The five fragrance compounds from the 100% Natural Pleasure collection are formulated using 100% natural ingredients, and may be incorporated in your natural and/or organic toiletries.
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