Fragrance compositions MEN’S products

Fragrance compositions MEN’S products

Integrating fragrance in men’s grooming products

Men splash on perfumes more and more, but their real fragrance regimen is a spinoff of their toiletries’ daily use.
The current male market is dynamic, carried by men’s increasing awareness in the hygiene-beauty segment. Practical and frequent use of shower gels, media buzz around deodorants / antiperspirants as a must-have for sport addicts, the emergence of the anti-aging cult and, consequently men’s concearn of lines & wrinkles - these are the three major elements that have driven men to actively buy their own toiletries and skin care products.

Modern men are accurate, expert and rigourous when it comes to chosing their grooming products. They look for efficent products, skin care that will get the job done, but they will also priviledge comfort and sensorial wellness. 
Fragrance compounding made specifically for men’s grooming products has become very important to achieve sensorial wellness.

To illustrate our creative know-how, this brochure presents six new fragrance compounds, three notes are specifically intended for the men’s skincare lines (offering low allergen content); three notes, bold yet subtle, sophisticated and pleasing, are designed specifically for men’s toiletries products.

Discover FLORESSENCE fragrance compositions - add that unique signature to your men’s grooming product lines.
Fragrances for skincare products
These three fragrance compounds do not require ingredient labeling if used at 0.3% presence, in non-rinsed cosmetics.
Fragrances for shower gels & shampoos
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